2020 Rosecast Annual Forecast: The Science of Financial Astrology Kindle Edition


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This is the 10th Annual Forecast Book published by Markus Rose. This book provides 20 exact future turn days in 2020 that will coincide with important highs and lows in the Dow Jones Index. The predictions are based on proprietary Four Elements Theory of Financial Astrology that the Author has published in the Rosecast Mentoring Course. For each of the 20 dates, a unique horoscope is provided that explains the planetary patterns underlying the future prediction. The horoscopes are created with proprietary astrology software based on the Swiss Ephemeris, the standard in astronomical accuracy. Besides, the book discusses the investment outlook for the US and International Indices in 2020, as well as for Gold, Oil, T-Bonds, and USD-Dollar. The book rounds up with an astrological trading calendar and a discussion of the Bradley Model and the Rosecast Bradley – a modification of the Bradley Formula according to research by the author. Markus Rose has been ranked by Timer Digest ( an indepedent agency based in Greenwich, Ct that ranks newsletter writers based on their recommendations) under the Top Five S&P 500 Market Timers in 2018 and for most of 2019.


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